My Least Favorite...

In my Plume life, (and honestly probably in my real life) July is my LEAST favorite month.   

It's slowly similar to January from a sales perspective, except that there's no cushion of profits from December to hold you over.   2nd Quarter Taxes are due, and it's time to start spending $ like your life depends on it to build inventory for 4th quarter. 

Even with the fun and excitment we had in June with our Best of Columbia award, July and the entire 3rd Quarter is the most challenging.  The most Uncertain.  It's when all the doubts start to creep in. 

And in case you haven't noticed...IT'S.SO.HOT. 

With all that being said...we're having a BIG SALE THIS WEEK ON T-SHIRTS and a few other odds and ends.  

SO MANY T-SHIRTS ON SALE THIS WEEK!  And most of them still have all sizes available.  ORDER ONLINE OR IN STORE!  


We know dollars are tight for many of you this summer!  We're grateful, each time you choose to spend them here at Plume when you need a pick-me-up for yourself or for someone you love.    Babies, Brides & Birthdays are our favorite!

See You Soon!