My First Ever Cross Country Race!

Family Time.
What a glorious sunrise we had this morning!   And then sweet rain.   And I'm actually sitting here a bit chilled after the sun has gone down and in a sweatshirt and jeans.

Snapped this pic on our way into the gym this morning around 5:45.  Can I tell you the secret?  I don't enjoy getting up early or exercising really.  But I'm always happy when I'm done and I feel like I generally have a more productive day.  So this gift from God this morning was especially appreciated!     

Jeremy's brother and family came into town for the weekend.  My nephew was playing basketball in the Show Me State Games.  In the meantime, we discovered there was a 5K Cross Country Race happening Saturday morning and we all decided to sign up. 

I've only run a 5k maybe 2-3 other times (have walked plenty but running is another story).  Not to mention this was my first ever CROSS COUNTRY run.   And after my experience, seems like I might need to train a bit before the next attempt!  I had to convert my 5K run to a 4K walk!  I could have finished the 5K, but I would have finished about 15 minutes after the last runner.   I didn't mind being dead last, mind you, but I felt bad for the guy who was trailing me in the little golf cart in the 95+ degree heat!  So I detoured and called it a morning.   But it was fun being with all the family and we even had some medal winners!    
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Thanks so much showing up in this space and reading my words each week friends!    

Hope to See You Soon!