Meet the girls of Sew Darn Stitchin’, Connie Miller & Carrie Brixey…a mother-daughter traveling sewing sensation. …and their vintage 1972 Shasta Camper “Tillie”…pulled along by “Susian”, a 1964 International Travelall.  

you ever seen anything so stinkin’ cool and adorable?  Did you even know vintage camping was a thing?  The girls even dress the part.  

Every single detail of this cuteness was redone by Carrie and Connie themselves.    Inside and out.   And every accessory inside is also the real deal vintage.  {Just last week Carrie bought a vintage toaster at Plume to use in the camper.  Another vendor had just dropped it off to sell…I love how things get passed on around here}.

I get a kick when I start finding out little things like this about our makers, as I get to know them.  Sew Darn Stitchin’s vintage camping awesomeness really has nothing to do with them being vendors at Plume other than it shows you the kind of incredibly fun and talented people I get to work with.   Connie even drove Susian this year in the July 4th Parade.  

{Every time I see this pic I can’t help but think of a character from the Car’s movies. Those buntings on the front look just like eyes.}  Other than actually camping in it and being willing to share it with us in parades, Sew Darn Stitchin’ often uses their camper as their booth when they set-up at maker fairs across the state, even venturing down into Arkansas to sell their goods.

An architect by trade, Carrie lives in Jeff City and works full time for the Missouri Dept of Health and Senior Services.  Connie lives in Willow Springs, MO and works with her husband in their family business.    After a lifetime of sewing together, Connie & Carrie officially started Sew Darn Stitchin’ in 2010 first making baby bibs and aprons and then progressing to handmade purses in 2011.  It was those purses that first brought Carrie into Plume in January 2014.  And they became vendor #054.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Sew Darn Stitchin’ is the wide variety of fun, quirky and novelty fabrics they utilize.  Sometimes they’re in a “lumberjack beavers” kind-of-mood like the bib and burp cloth set above, and other times you’ll see fabrics more along the lines of Vera Bradley’s style, like these shown below.

Carrie’s architectural background definitely shines through in the construction of their purses.  I’m amazed at their quality, durability and functionality; complete with zippered pockets, heavy duty hardware & contrasting fabric on the insides.  Each style of purse is named after a different city in Missouri.  One of their most popular styles at Plume is the Hattie Clutch shown below.  The added wristlet makes it perfect for running into the store for quick errands; big enough for holding money, cards, phones, glasses {and your lipstick!} but still small enough to throw into a larger bag for bigger errands & trips {or even toss into your diaper bag}.

Carrie and Connie are both avid dog & kitty lovers, particularly dachshunds, so you will see that reflected in many of their designs as well.

And one last peek at another of their fun baby items.   These tiny stuffed sea horses make me so happy.

Carrie and I have been talking about them hauling Tillie and Susian to Plume for a little “show” one Saturday this fall so stay tuned about that.

In the meantime, stop by Plume when we reopen this Thursday at 10:00 am to see all their goods in person.  They make great gifts.

See you at the shop!