Remember that blog post a few weeks back where I posted about how I decided to open Plume?  All those mom’s on Facebook I was buying stuff from?   Meet Brady…she was one of those moms.

Brady was actually my first ever “Facebook Purchase”.  I had stumbled across her handmade children’s capes in that same Facebook group I was hanging around in and I ordered a couple for the twins birthday.   (This picture is another customer’s kiddos, not mine…but it is so great I had to share it.)

And remember when I said the meet-ups for my initial Facebook purchases were A.W.K.W.A.R.D.?   How does not even meeting the maker…but meeting her husband…in his work parking lot sound to ya?

Now I will say that Jeff is a wonderfully kind and totally safe person to meet in a parking lot…but I didn’t really know that at the time.   After a second encounter with ole’ Jeff in the parking lot when I ordered some hairbows and barefoot sandals, my wheels started turning about the lack of a place for commerce to take place between moms who were making and selling things from home.

Although Brady, her creations and her DIY blog “Brady Lou Project Guru” (which is no longer being updated) had a lot to do with my initial brainstorming about Plume, I didn’t actually meet her in person for the first time until she came into Plume a couple of months after I opened.  I was so excited she was interested in becoming a vendor because I already knew how incredibly creative and talented she was and secretly always hoped I would be able to snag her on board. In February 2014, she became vendor #060.

Brady is one of those people who can make anything.  She’s thrifty.  Doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on things…so she makes them. Doesn’t matter if it’s DIY home decor or hair accessories for babies, little girls and big girls alike.  She makes them beautifully. She even made these to-die-for Mother-Daughter Kimonos and headbands.

She has created a full line of wedding accessories, bridal sashes, garters and banners…

And while daughter Emden 5, gets most of the modeling jobs showing off mom’s jumbo hairbows…

…Brady has also created two sweet boys Rylan 9 and Owen 7.


As I’ve gotten to know Brady over the last few years, the one thing that stands out is that she is selfless and giving.    One summer while they were building their home in Hallsville, they happened to be living in a rental home right up the road from Plume.  I loved that because I got to see her all the time.  Brady is always thinking about how she can spread God’s love by serving others.  She knew how hard it was for Anni (at the time only 4 and not in school yet) to sit up at the shop with me all day long on Thursdays and Fridays while my big kids were in school so she’d have Anni come over to her house to play with Emden and Owen.   Anni loved it and I appreciated the break for her so much.

If  you happen to attend Forum Christian Church you may also know Brady is active in the mom’s ministry there and she and Jeff serve as the leaders for the Marriage Matters Ministry.   Married for 13 years themselves after meeting one another in high school (when they were each dating the other’s best friend…how scandalous!) they know how hard marriage is and are committed to helping couples build stronger marriages through a foundation in Christ.   They’re creative and zany and come up with so many fun social events through the year for married couples to participate in together, including the upcoming Marriage Matters Conference.   It makes me happy to see them demonstrate how living the gospel out in your marriage can break the stereotypes and be anything but boring.

If you would like more info about attending Forum’s Marriage Matters Conference with Brady and Jeff, go here.    You do not have to be a member or attendee of Forum or any other Church to participate.  Everyone is welcome.

 I love this picture of Brady on Mother’s Day with her kiddos in bed because it tells the story of the Brady I know.  They had surprised her with handmade cards and breakfast in bed and you can see how much joy being a mom brings her but if you look closely you can also see all the DIY touches in the background.  Her little handmade paper circle garlands that adorn the reclaimed pallet wood wall that she and her hubby Jeff installed behind their bed in the new home they built last year.

Brady once shared this quote on her facebook page…

“The biggest compliment, is when someone tells me my soul is beautiful.”

I don’t think she wrote that, I think she borrowed it.  But Brady, you have a beautiful soul, girl.   You make pretty things…but you make life prettier because you have such a beautiful spirit. Who knew that buying a couple of capes for my 3 year olds would one day lead to such a friendship and sweet partnership.

Thank you for being a part of Plume!

P.S. We’ll open back up this Thursday at 10:00 am.

P.S.S.  New made from scratch and hand rolled cookies in the shop this week from COMO Cookies!

P.S.S.S.  All of Brady’s capes, wedding & hair accessories are available at Plume.  Custom orders are available by calling 573-823-9654.