Lucky Me...

We're ecstatic about the sunshine over here!    After a whole week of snow, ice, no school, and murky slush on the roads...we're ready for the sun to dry everything up.  Spring is officially less than a month away.  So close we can taste it!

In spite of the snow we've had lots of excitement going on in the Gilion household the past couple weeks.  My twins both got braces (on the same day).  I swear they seemed to age at least 4 years the minute those braces went on.  I looked at them and wondered where my babies had gone! 
Then my daughter went to her first Girl's formal at our Church.  I was so proud of her.  She's taller than me and she wore one of my dresses! (granted it no longer fits me but I have worn it in the last few years) Only she couldn't wear my shoes because her feet are officially bigger than mine.  

I see my beautiful  kids growing up and I just can't help but think...


Spending lots of time in the shop afterhours rearranging and doing new displays for all our new designs and goods.  So many new pillows, new tees, new jewels, new bags!   The fabrics that I've picked out for spring & summer and just AMAZING!

Here's a sneak peak...this one is Velvet.  Who says you can't use Velvet in Summer?  
It's so beautiful.  I can't wait for you to see all pillows we've got in the works!   

I loved this fabric so much the colors inspired our first mini collection for Spring.  

These four tees are all available on our website starting TODAY!   I'll be introducing them on social media this week and sharing the stories behind them, one by one. 
Tees, pillows and so much more will be available during our FIRST EVER Spring Open House, while they last!  Order now to guarantee you get the sizes and styles you're eyeing.   Tickets are selling fast for the Open House, grab yours NOW at the link below!
Save the date, March 11th - 13th and grab your tickets HERE!.
Tickets are $10 but you'll receive the full amount of your ticket price back at the door as a shopping coupon when you arrive, plus your very own goodie bag! 

We sure hope you'll join us!

In the meantime, if you need gifts & goodies, come on by!   And if you know someone who's never heard of Plume and would like some FREE CUPCAKES, do them a favor and forward this email to them and have them sign up for our EMAIL LIST HERE.  

Hours this week Tuesday - Friday 10 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 4.  If you have upcoming events we'd be happy to you with cupcakes for any occasion.   You can order on the website or give us a call. 

Can't sign off this week before sharing one of my favorite things coming this week. The best (and cutest) sugar cookies ever!

Thanks so much to Laurel at Kiss Me Cookies for designing not only these cookies but also the cookie cutter to make them, modeled directly from our little pink oven logo, designed by Gillian Dresden. 
Have a great week, friends!