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May 29, 2019


My parents came to town last week to watch my kiddos in the school talent show.  Then they headed over to the ballfield to watch my son play baseball.  Seeing my dad at the ballfield reminded me of how many summers my sister and I spent with him in the dirt. My dad was blessed with 2 daughters, no sons.  That didn’t stop him from coaching.    Between the two of us, he probably spent 7-8 years coaching us in softball.  Back then it was all slow pitch (I don’t think I could have played if it had been FAST).  I enjoyed it but never had a heart to play more than little league.  But I loved even more having my dad for a coach.   He is patient and kind and has a servants heart.

He’s turning 70 this year, just before Father’s Day.   My Kids call him Papaw.  I think this is either a Kentucky term of endearment or a Southern one.   It’s what I called both of my grandpas until the day they passed.  It was odd to me that in Missouri there are no Papaw’s, Papa’s being more common.

What do you call your dad?  Or better yet, what do your kids call your dad?  Their Grandpa?     During Mother’s Day we launched these “Pet Name” Mugs from Angie Johnson.   They were so popular that we thought now Grandpa needs one to go with Grandma’s. If you need a functional keepsake gift for the Patriarch of your family, you can order one now through June 1st.   (And if you missed out ordering one for your mom, grandma, mimi, gigi etc… you can still order one for her too!)  I gifted my parents theirs as a set on Mother’s Day.  “Gee Gee & Papaw”.   They are both big daily coffee drinkers so the mugs were perfect for them.   I should have taken some pics but I was too excited to get them in the mail and didn’t snap any.

We’re also filling up seats in our upcoming Felt Succulent Workshops, and Beth’s BRAND NEW Heartgrooves Handmade Summer Collection of Felt Hair Accessories for babies and toddlers is HERE.  Read on for more info on those.

And in the meantime,  see you behind the counter this week!

P.S.  We’re opening back up today at 10:00AM.
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