June 12, 2019

Summer Time…

Thanks to everyone who sent me sweet messages last week about my website copyright issue..  What a doozy that was.  Everything is pretty much back to normal this week thank goodness.

I’m loving summer so far although it is challenging to have my work days cut in more than half with the kids being home.  I’m trying hard to not be sitting in front of my computer all day on Mondays & Tuesdays when we’re closed but I’m afraid I’m not doing so well.  I feel fortunate for the ages of my kiddos because having twin 10-year olds and an 8 year old means they’re so close in age they all three play well together, most days.  We also have a street full of good friends and now the kids are old enough to go back and forth between several houses to play at will.  They spend a few hours at our house and then venture down to someone else’s house.  That allows me pockets of time to get a few things done.   It’s honestly easier to have a house full of neighbor kids here playing, than not,  because they have a good time and my kids aren’t hounding me for screen time.  Which is another thing all together.

I spent a lot of time today planning out our workshops for the rest of summer and even through the end of the year. Beth and I have some super awesome things coming up with felt.  We’re bringing in a few new workshops from some of our other makers and some fun events with a few of our favorite local authors Jill Orr,  Laura McHugh and Aaron Fox who all have brand new books launching this summer!

My other summer project is to continue fleshing out our website and providing more of a spotlight for each of our makers as well as a platform for them to sell online if they want to. We started with Grace (Chicory)Beth (Heartgrooves Handmade) & Brooke (GOPO).   We’re probably only about 30% done loading the rest of the Maker Bios, but it’s a good start thanks to Grace who is also my Summer Website Intern!  If you haven’t taken a look at what a great group of Makers we have on board lately, HOP over HERE to peruse the website.  You can click on each of the Logo’s to learn more about them and what they make.

We’ll be back in the Bake Shoppe tomorrow with plenty of cupcakes for your Father’s Day weekend events and TONIGHT is the cut-off for pre-ordering your GOPO 6-Packs for Pops so hop over to the link and claim yours before it’s too late.