It's Not Over...

I'm exhausted tonight.  

Monday's are normally my "day off"...if there is a such a thing in the life of a small business owner.   But today started at the shop meeting the Hobart reps to replace my new oven.  Yes, the ceramic coating on the inside of my brand new Vulcan oven that was just installed in February was already cracking on the inside.  Thankfully the manufacturer approved a replacement.   But it was not a simple task and took three very hefty men to get the old one out and the new one in. 

After that it was library day with the kids. 

Then I spent the afternoon at the shop with a refrigerator repair tech.   I bought a couple of pastry cases from another bakery that was closing and needed to get them tuned up a bit.  As I was chatting with the repair tech, he told me he had personally helped "close down" 39 restaurants since COVID started.  From all over mid missouri and down to the lake.    He shared with me how he had sat and cried with owners and friends he had worked with in the industry for years...closing.

We got everything up and running and Jeremy came up and helped me rip out some old sinks that were behind my counter to make room for a new-to-me used counter I also purchased.   Prior to the new kitchen we washed dishes in those sinks,  but since I have sinks in my new kitchen I don't need the ones behind the counter anymore.  So out they came!

Ran home and fed the kids a quick dinner.  Then back to the shop. 

I had to deep clean both of the new equipment pieces.  Have you ever purchased and cleaned a piece of used commercial refrigeration display cases?   Much less two pieces?  So many parts to remove, vacuum out then clean with soap and water....windex all the glass etc. 

While I was up there cleaning most of the night I kept thinking about my chat with the repair tech.  It's just so sad.  And it's not over.  Businesses are closing.  Restaurants and bars are still suffering.  Wedding vendors, event venues and so many other small businesses that have lost so much.  

I don't take it  lightly that Plume is still open.  And I'm purchasing equipment from other businesses that are closing.  I kept going back and forth...loving my new display cases and how pretty the look in the shop...and then feeling bad about it.   It's almost like I have "survivor guilt".   I don't know why we've been spared.  But I'm so, so thankful.   And what I do know is that it wouldn't be possible without all of you. 

But, I still fear we haven't seen the worst.  How many more businesses will close?

Thank you so much for your continued support.  It really does mean the world to me. 

If you're needing to gear up for any small socially distant events...we'd love to help. 

 If you're out and about this week, "mask-up" and stop by and see us.   You can take a gander at our back counter remodel and our new cupcake & macaron display cases!
Would love to see all of you!