September 24, 2019

When you sign up for one of our workshops, this is the sweet space that welcomes you.

Isn’t she lovely?

This time last year this little corner of our shop was still greatly under-utilized. We had only been expanded into our new space for about 6 months at that point and just weren’t sure what the best use of the space was going to be long term.   I had a vision of a workshop area in the space from the very beginning but just wasn’t quite sure it made sense to dedicate the square footage to it yet.

By Christmas, it had kind of become the “corner of misfits” full of a lot of random vintage things I didn’t know where else to put in the shop.   We hosted all our workshops in 2018 in the kitchen.    It  was cozy & cute in there, but kind of cramped if I’m being honest.  We didn’t have the space for one big table and had to divide people up at multiple smaller tables.  It also meant we couldn’t host an event in the Gathering Room during Workshops so we always had to choose between one or the other.

Around the time I opened Plume another little shop opened in Columbia; Yardhouse Fabrics.  I loved that little shop and Amy, the owner, had the most beautifully impressive handmade wooden fabric cutting table I had ever seen.  I coveted it from the beginning.  Unfortunately, Amy had to close Yardhouse a few years ago.  I hadn’t yet secured my enlarged space when she closed and couldn’t afford to buy the table at that time anyway.   Amy mentioned she was probably just going to keep it in storage, not being able to sell it for what she wanted to get out of it.

In January this past year, on a whim, after finally deciding it would be a good idea to repurpose the “misfit corner” into a full blown workshop and craft supply area, I contacted Amy.  SHE STILL HAD THE TABLE!  And she was ready to get it out of her garage where it had lived, covered in garage sale boxes, blankets, and an old TV for the last 3 years, so she gave me a very gracious price.  It’s beauty had been totally concealed all that time, but she was meant to be at Plume all along!

“…and she lived happily ever after as the new queen of the “misfit corner”, transforming the space into one of beauty and laughter, where she reigned as the center of attention at every workshop!”

The weather finally seems like it’s starting to shift.   The first day of Fall has come and we’re looking forward to celebrating with the start of our Fall Workshop Calendar this week.    We’ve never had more workshops on our fall calendar than we do RIGHT NOW!

Each one is just $49 Per Person and Include all your materials, cupcakes & beverages.   Grab a friend and come spend a couple hours learning something new and make something pretty for yourself!

You can also give your completed projects as gifts, or buy materials to make additional items as gifts.   For example, did you know that in Fabric Button Jewelry you get to make 6 Seperate Pieces of Jewelry?  (A pair of earrings only counts as 1 ITEM!)   That’s potentially 6 Christmas Gifts you can knock off your list for just $49!    We are ONLY OFFERING Fabric Buttons one more time in 2019,  Oct 3rd and 4th.  Head over to our Instagram Stories HERE to see more behind the scenes pics from our session in July.

Our FALL WORKSHOP CALENDAR  kicks off THIS WEEK!   (keep reading for all classes and click on each link for more info)

26th 6PM  Felt Flower Gather Sign – SOLD OUT
27th 10AM & 6PM  Felt Flower Gather Sign – Still Time to Sign Up!
28th 10AM  Felt Flower Gather Sign – SOLD OUT


3rd 6PM Fabric Button Jewelry
4th 10AM Fabric Button Jewelry
10th 10AM Bible Journaling
10th 6PM Hand Lettered Pumpkins
17th 6PM Felt Flower Gather Sign
18th 10AM Felt Flower Gather Sign
19th 10AM Felt Flower Gather Sign




14th 6PM Felt Flower Banner “Joyeux Noel”
16th 10AM Felt Flower Banner “Joyeux Noel”
21st 10AM Bible Journaling
21st 6PM Hand Lettered Cheese Boards





Happy Tuesday sweet friends, see you in the shop today at 10am!