Is Anyone Really Going to Read This...?

I really feel like waving the white flag tonight.  

It's 10:57pm.   

We've spent the entire day preparing ipads, our kids and our home for school tomorrow.   

I'm tired.  And while normally Monday's I do stay up late to write...tonight I just feel like I can't.  I want to be able to help my kids tomorrow morning first thing.  I want to have the energy they need for me. 

And then I keep anyone really going to open their computer tomorrow and have time to read this anyway?  Who really cares?

I know so many of you are in the same position we're in.  Figuring out the first day of school...much less an entire school year!  

I thought tonight instead of communicating with a bunch of words...I would share some pics.

Charlie and his new accessory!  He had an irritated spot on his leg he wouldn't quit licking and we had to add a fun noodle to the end of his "Cone of Shame" to make it long and bulky enough to actually keep him off his leg.
Much needed time with my momma.  We went to Louisville this past weekend.  Hadn't been home since last Thanksgiving!

A different kind of Kentucky  Derby this year...

                                  Love these horses! 

Had been so worried about visiting and fear of them getting sick.  But at some point, you NEED to see your people!
Came home and ran to Sam's Club to grab some "mobile" desks Jeremy found.  They're going to work great!  Our kids rooms are small and they don't have their own desks.  So we created a space in our basement for their classroom.   
These fold up like a TV tray but they're a bit larger.   They were less than $25.   If you know anyone who needs an inexpensive desk for school, I would recommend! We're letting the kids take them outside on nice days, they only weigh about 5 pounds .  My kids even carried theirs all the way down the street earlier today for outdoor "art camp" at our neighbors house.  We're hoping we can have a few mobile outdoor school sessions with our friends we've been social distancing with on our street. 
Each of my kiddos took some time to personalize their space.  Can't have school with the bison... 

the beanie boos...
The piggies...
I want you to know that my kids were excited today when they saw their "classroom".  They had fun personalizing their spaces and getting organized.  I think they're ready.  As ready as we can be. 

Lord help us all!  

Please let all the ipads work in the morning (they were working when we went to bed). 

Let all the zoom links function the way they are supposed to. 

Let the teachers know we are FOR them. 

Let our kids make connections and have fun. 

Let them learn.  

I'm rooting for you! 

I'm in the trenches here with you. 

If you'd like some after school treats or surprises for your kiddos, or teacher goodies...stop by!  If you're short on time, order ahead and we'll run your cupcakesgourmet popcorn & macarons out to your car? 

I'll be in and out of the shop this week in between Zooms! But we're open normal hours and ready to help you with your gifting needs.
I'm praying for you (and myself) and our kids, teachers and administrators.