In my Absence...

I've been sitting here reminiscing because I realized it was 7 years ago June 28, 2013 that Plume was conceived when I discovered Patty's Place for the first time, wandered inside and knew I had found a treasure. 
It's taken me 7 years of literal blood, sweat and tears.

Slow & steady forward steps, and at times big set backs. This year is for sure one for the record books.  March 18th I had to tell my team I wouldn't have any hours for them to work for an indefinite amount of time.

 I was devastated. 

It took me so long to learn to let go of things, to build a team I loved and trusted and that has helped me so immensely.  They've taken so many of the responsibilities of the day-to-day shop off of my plate so I could focus on growing.   I had no idea what would happen that day I closed the shop due to Covid, if or when I'd be able to bring them back.  

I'm so thankful they stuck with me, and they're all back!  (We did have to say Goodbye to Natalie, our sweet Stephens Graduate, as she moved back to St. Louis once school was closed) 

This past Saturday the shop was busy.  We had our first big wedding order for Cupcakes, a ton of other orders due for pick-up Saturday, back-to-back events in our Gathering Room, plus the normal Saturday flow of customers. 

I didn't go into the shop one time!  Almost 7 years of working many, many Saturdays and I've finally been able to take some time off and it's been glorious. We've worked hard to create processes and procedures so that I don't have to be there every minute of every day. 

And you know what? 

In my baby was just fine. 

In fact, not just fine, but really great.  I can't tell you how freeing that is.  There have been times when I have been so fearful that I would be totally consumed by my business.  And my hubby would probably tell you that at times I totally have been.  I've worried we might not ever have a "normal" life again (whatever that is) because I would be forever chained to my shop. But I feel like I've turned the corner, and I can see a glimpse of life on the other side.  Of what it looks like to be able to run a business but allow others to help you, and to not have to feel like it all depends on me.

(But can I tell you a secret... I do miss seeing your faces...when I'm not there.) 

When I'm not there, I do look at the list of customers who came in and shopped, and so many times I say to myself when I see this name or that..."Oh, I'm sad I didn't get to see her"  If I could be the person to personally greet every single one of you, help you find what you need and gift wrap all your purchases I would love it!  I love being in the shop.  I love getting to know you.  But it's not what's best for my family.  And honestly, it's not what's best for the shop.   There are other things for me to turn my attention to.  Some of them are exciting and some of them are just not fun at all.  But they will all help create a better Plume.   But don't worry, I'm still there plenty.   Just no longer 100%! 

Enough about that...tonight, I'm celebrating with my team!

We weren't able to have a holiday party in December.  We're just too busy.  So I decided we would have our annual celebration this summer.  

I'm super excited to be taking them out to Cultivate Co. Farm.  As you know, Joan is our local flower farmer who's bouquets we sell at Plume.  Tonight she is opening up her flower barn for us to have a party, eat dinner and we are all going to make our very own flower arrangements out of her gorgeous blooms.  I can't wait!

If you love locally grown flowers... the summer blooms are getting more and more gorgeous every week.  Here's a peek at the bouquet options we have this week!

We now have 4 different bouquet options you can order weekly.  And they are all GORGEOUS!
Bright & Cheery (15 Stems)  $24.99
Bright & Cheery "Over-the-Top (30-Stems)  $49.99
Subtle & Sweet (15- Stems)  $24.99
Subtle & Sweet "Over-the-Top" (30-Stems)  $49.99

Each week Joan will drop off bouquets for walk-in purchase when we open up on Tuesdays at 10am.  You can also order bouquets for pick-up on Fridays HERE.   

This past week we had a sweet bride who had a small courthouse wedding and Joan put together a beautiful bouquet for her.  We loved being able to be a part of that by also providing her with a 4-pack of cupcakes that were just the right size for her intimate day.   

Then we turned around and did an order for 10 dozen for a larger wedding.  Which is a first for us!  (Thanks to the new oven!)  It is truly humbling that someone would want something we've created to be a part of such a important day.  We don't take that lightly!

If you need cupcakes for an upcoming event, give it a try!  All 8 flavors are available to mix and match in any quantities you'd like.  You can now order your cupcake BOX SIZE, FLAVORS, and SELECT PICK UP DATE in one easy ordering process.
   We're also excited to announce that Macarons are BACK!  
We are thrilled to introduce MacKenzie's Blakery to you and now have her Macarons available for walk-in customers every Tuesday - Saturday in Assorted 6 & 12 packs.  We'll be rolling out more ordering options in the coming weeks but for now, you may order Macarons HERE.  
As always, we so appreciate your support.  If you're looking for a sweet baby or birthday gift this week, we'd love to see you in the shop. And we still have loads of fun gifts on the website available for curbside pick-up if you're still not quite ready to venture inside. 

We're back at it this week Tuesday - Friday 10-6.  (NOTE:  We will be closed on July 4th this Saturday, so get your shopping in before the weekend!)

Thanks friends,