In Full Bloom!

What an Easter we were gifted with!  We went back to in-person Church for the first time in over a YEAR!  Not necessarily because it was Easter, but our Church really needed additional Volunteers in Children's Ministry so we thought it was the perfect time to jump back in.  We all went to service together and then served in the Preschool class afterward.  So fun!  My 12 year old daughter Luci said she loved the class we had and has been asking me ever since to sign her up to serve long term.  It was so special to see her working with the kids. 

I also, unexpectedly, got my first dose of COVID vaccine last week.  I learned retail workers are included in part of the Tier 2 program as part of the Economic Recovery Sector so was able to get mine a couple weeks sooner than I thought would.  I was happy to get the Pfizer vaccine.  In my former life, I worked for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals which Pfizer acquired.  Wyeth had a phenomenal bio-pharma and vaccine division and I have to believe that the foundation laid there is still strong and possibly some of those same researchers are still around, and potentially part of the development of this vaccine.   If the vaccine isn't for you, that's ok.  No judgement here.  Am I 100% comfortable with the speed at which it was introduced?  Not 100%, no.  Do I wish we had more time? Sure.  But, as with all advancements in modern medicine, we each weigh our risks and benefits and make the best decisions we can for ourselves and our families. 

I can't wait to be mask free and see all your smiling faces again!  

This WEEK we're so excited to welcome back Joan from Cultivate Co. with her gorgeous locally grown Spring blooms,  grown right down the road from Plume.  If you've ever driven out to Coopers Landing, you've driven right past her farm!   This weeks mixed bouquets include 12 stems; a combination of daffodils, anemones and tulips.  Flowers are delivered every Tuesday & Friday!   

And so, so thankful that the kids are all back in school 5 days a week! My kids are going to miss their Wednesdays at home and the Middle Schoolers will likely be toast by Friday with 5 full days in seat but I'm hoping for the best!  And hoping to get lots of things done in April and May before they're out of school again for the summer.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the shop this week!