June 5, 2019

At a loss for words…

I’ve been a little out of sorts.  You may not have even noticed but I normally send our weekly newsletter out on Wednesday mornings.  But here it is, late Wednesday…and I’m still sitting here in front of the computer so you’re going to open this on Thursday this week.  It’s normally not hard for me to share; I like to say I’m an open book.  But this week I’ve been at a loss for words…quite literally…because, well someone stole them.  

Since Saturday I’ve been dealing with an episode of copyright infringement.   Someone copied my words, actually entire pages from my website, and proceeded to use those words for their own business use.   And not just my words but also part of my business process along with it. I debated on whether or not I wanted to write about this and I won’t get into more detail because this isn’t about throwing that person under the bus.  It’s already been handled.

This is just a way for me to get it off my chest, so to speak. 

Needless to say, I was shocked.  And super angry on Saturday morning when I found out.   But I was so busy with a full day of events booked in the Gathering Room and a shop full of customers, I didn’t have a way to address it immediately, which was God’s way of slowing me down.   Allowing time to figure out a more diplomatic way to approach the situation than letting my Kentucky-Redneck-Self out “open up a can of whoop ass”.  (Sorry, I actually did let her out for just for a minute there).

Then I had a record breaking day at the shop.  For a random Saturday in June, that is.

It was almost like He was saying…“Kelly, I’ve got you.  Be Still.  Don’t worry.  Keep your focus.  Keep moving forward.  There’s only one Plume.  Only one You.  I’ve got you right where you’re supposed to be.”

And it wasn’t just about the sales I had that day.

He reminded me of a teary conversation with a sweet, sweet lady over the counter, just that Wednesday before, talking about the year she had been through with her husband who had become critically ill very unexpectedly while they were traveling, essentially stranding them away from home for months and months.  And how much she looked forward to reading my emails each week.    And another who said…”I usually delete a lot of my emails…but never yours…I love reading them”

I was reminded of the power of words.   Words of affirmation are my love language after all.  Not only do the words I write help support and grow Plume, they allow me to tell you the stories of all the wonderful makers we have here. Words connect us.  Allowing me to give you a peek inside my heart each week, and in return, a glimpse into yours.

I won’t let someone take them from me, or make me fearful of sharing them with you.

So this week, I sat back down again to write.   As long as you’re here reading…I will sit down and write.