February 11, 2020

Heartbroken…But Hopeful

No one wants to shut down part of their business for a month, but that’s what we had to do on January 25th.  Our last cupcake had been baked in our little pink oven and we unplugged it and said goodbye.  (It’s actually still there but we won’t be baking in it anymore…).  While planning in the fall, I had hoped we’d do our remodel in early January and be done by February but things didn’t work out that way.  There’s never a good time to do a project like this really…but taking it on in February meant that we wouldn’t be able to bake any Valentine Cupcakes unless we could really move quickly and get the kitchen reopened in time.

That didn’t happen (cue the Heartbreak! ) 

We’ve had to break the news to many of you who have walked in looking for your favorite cupcakes in the case and who have headed over to the website to order only to find, we’re not taking orders!

The good news is that even though we’d love to be baking and selling ALL.THE.CUPCAKES this week for Valentine’s Day and instead, we’re still dealing with a dusty shell of a kitchen…we still believe this has been a short term sacrifice for an even longer term gain.   And we’re still super hopeful about how the kitchen is shaping up!

In the meantime, we have 5 ways to help you GIVE LOVE to your people this week. 

1) You can pre-order a Felt Flower Bouquet from Heartgrooves Handmade HERE.

2) You can pre-order our Better Together GOPO Gourmet Popcorn Boxes HERE.

We’ll have some for walkins this week from Tuesday – Saturday but the only way we can guarantee you get the quantity you need is by Pre-Ordering and telling us what day you want to pick-up in the comments at Checkout.


3) Bring Your Valentine to Plume Friday Morning for fresh baked, WARM, croissants from Frenchy Treats.  Reply to this email to place your order, or let us know you’re coming by Commenting on our Facebook event HERE.

4) And pick-up a beautiful + delicious box of Frenchy Treats Macarons HERE while you’re visiting…


5).  Enjoy some time browsing the shop for your loved ones.
We’ve added so many new talented local makers in the last couple weeks.  Here’s a peek at what you can find!

The most delicate handmade morse code bracelets from Jamie at Hamilton House.

Handmade & Painted Artwork from Brileigh & Michelle from MoBree Studios.

Baby Love from Connie at Rainbow May.


Wooden Magnets & Signs from Kelli at East 206 Designs.
Looking forward to seeing you in the shop this week friends!