Here we go...

 It's official.     

Columbia Public School will start online.  

September sure looks different this year.  

Our house is handling the news ok.  What else can we do?  We will make the best of it and believe that those making the decisions are doing the best they can in an impossible situation.   You can say what you want...but when a board member breaks out in tears during the meeting... none of us can possibly understand everything that has been going on behind the scenes these past few months.  None of us can possibly understand the weight of these decisions. 

It's easy to question and judge.  It's so much harder to extend grace.

I'm also attempting to process the new city regulations regarding bars and restaurants.  While it doesn't have a major impact on Plume, we haven't gone untouched.  We're are dealing with some issues for the upcoming showers and events we have scheduled in the Gathering Room pertaining to the size of the events we can host and how we can serve food.  (Less than 20 guests and no food buffets... hostesses can't even set up their own buffets.  Every food item either has to be individually wrapped or the hostess, or other person,  has to serve the food herself.) 

We had quite a few private showers and events cancel early on in the shutdown March & April... and then really not many new events scheduled until this month and now we're working with our hostesses to  make sure their events can continue in the safest way possible.

Can I just tell you I've continued to read comments on social media encouraging people in the city to BOYCOTT Columbia businesses to "teach the city a lesson".  I'm sorry, I just can't tolerate this.  No matter how much I may disagree with some of the decisions being made, I respect the authority of the decision makers and I would never want to intentionally harm my fellow small business owners or my city for that matter.  Who do people think their really hurting by refusing to shop, dine or drink in Columbia?  The people sitting around the table making decisions?  Of course not.  It directly hurts and impacts our neighbors and peers.

We're praying for our small business friends in the restaurant and bar industry as they're dealing with losses of such magnitude.   Will you join us in getting some extra take out this week from some of your favorite locally owned restaurants?   We enjoyed some D'Rowes for dinner this evening. 

While you're at it, why not order some cupcakes from Plume for dessert?  You can even throw in some gourmet popcorn or macarons

I'm back in the shop this week after a wonderful family vacation in South Dakota last week.  What a beautiful, beautiful place!
Have a great week!