July 9, 2019


When we decided to develop our in house Bake Shoppe and take on Cupcakes,  I hired the 2 sweetest girls, Allison & Emilia.  They were both High School Juniors when they started in Feb 2018.  I couldn’t be more pleased that they’re both STILL WITH ME!    I didn’t know what to expect, being relatively new at hiring for the shop.  But something tells me it is rare this day and age to keep students employed for, now going on 18 months. Such a blessing!
  (“They like me…they really like me!”)

Sadly, Emilia is going to be starting college at Mizzou soon and her campus living and school schedule aren’t going to cooperate with our early hours at the Bake Shoppe so she’s finishing up her last month here at Plume.  We posted for her replacement last week.

Let me tell you this person has big shoes to fill!  Not many High School Students would get up at 4:30AM to come to work at 5:30AM, work 3 hours then head off to school at 8:30 AM.

I have a fair amount of anxiety over filling this position, but am trusting that God has someone just perfect!    If that someone is you, just reply to this email and send me your resume.   If you know someone, please forward this to them.

I will preface by saying it’s not required that the person work 5:30- 8:30AM.  Ideal hours are actually 7:30 – 10:30AM, Emilia just chose to work an early shift so she could work before school, (because she’s a total over achiever morning person, that way…)

This is a “super part time” (about 15 hours per week) but “oh so important” position and requires someone who is an early riser, reliable, organized, can follow instructions, and LOVES to bake. It does not require any professional baking experience but must know your way around a kitchen.   Along with students, this would also be ideal for an empty nester or retiree.

Who wouldn’t want to come bake in this sweet little beauty?? 

Yes, this is what we ACTUALLY bake our cupcakes in.  This sweet little pink vintage oven.  We have everything else in the kitchen pretty organized and streamlined for efficiency so that we can still crank out the cupcakes pretty quickly even though we are baking from scratch, literally one tray of cupcakes at a time.  Small batch baking at it’s finest!

And this of course is the result!



Speaking of Cupcakes, we have been so pleased with the growth of our little Cupcake Bake Shoppe over the last year.  Thank you for all of your support!  Without it I wouldn’t even need to be filling this position.  I’m thankful to be in a situation that I actually NEED to hire another employee!!

More pre-orders are coming in each week, which help us manage our baking schedule so much more efficiently (remember we are dealing with a 70ish year old oven)    We are happy to have walk-ins also but can’t guarantee what we’ll have left when you come in on a given day.  We never want to have to turn walk-ins away with an empty case, so if you know you need cupcakes for an event and can order ahead we can make sure to have just the flavors you need, when you need them.   Normally 24 hours notice is sufficient, and you can do that HERE. 

This week is still jammed packed with events and workshops & books signings with Aaron Fox and Jill Orr.  Read on for more of those details and we do so hope to see you in the shop this week!

See you Soon,