Hello from Colorado!

Hello from Colorado...
Hello friends!   Coming to you from our family vacation in Estes Park Colorado this week .  It's my first time to this part of Colorado; I'm standing in front of Alberta Falls here.
I will say the weather has been a bit disappointing...very cool and rainy...but we've made the most of it so far and time with friends is always time well spent!   (There are 24 of us here on this trip...5 families!)

We've hiked 2 days in a row and tomorrow get to have a "mom's only" breakfast out!   That will be such a treat.  The kids have been plenty entertained in between hikes with a heated pool and hot tub, and plenty of time with their friends.  

Jeremy is keeping us busy.   This is totally his kind of vacation.  
But I've said before...I've seen so much more of the world than I would have thanks to him.  I really enjoy these trips once we're here, but they're not what I would plan if given the choice.  

Another perk of this trip so far is I brought Laura McHugh's new book with me and it's sooo good.  The reviews are in from both the New York and LA Times and they are fantastic!  I'm so excited for her.  Thanks so much to everyone who came to Laura's book signing last Thursday.  It was such a great event. We'll continue to sell signed copies of What's Done in Darkness and even have a few signed copies of Laura's other 3 novels in the shop if you need a good summer read + support a local author at the same time! 
With that, I'm going to keep it short and sweet and sign off for now, to get back to my family and vacation time.  I appreciate all of you so much...and hope you'll stop by to see the girls while I'm gone.  They are a true blessing and will love helping you.   

As always...the bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacarons & classic cookies.  Order ahead or stop by and Grab N Go!
Have a great week!