Hello December

Hello Friends!

I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed some extra time off.  Even if it wasn't "normal". 
We ran down to Ozark and back on Thanksgiving and had a wonderful outdoor visit with our small immediate family.  My sister-in-love,  Heather,  did an amazing job decorating her outdoor table and we had some delicious food! 

God blessed us with a beautiful sunny day! 

Then Friday I actually took most of the day off since I already had my team in place thinking I was going to be out of town, and I worked a long day on Saturday.  

Sitting here writing to you on what will be my last Monday "off" for awhile.   I know for most of you, Mondays are always a workday but for me, since I work most Saturdays this time of year...Mondays are a day I try to reserve just for me.  Albeit with Hubby and Kids both working and schooling from home, Monday's don't look like they used to.  No one leaves to go their separate ways for the day.  We're all just still here.  

But the good news, the next 3 Mondays until Christmas, Plume will be OPEN! 
For the FIRST TIME EVER.   To help spread out business through the week we'll be open on Mondays in December leading up to Christmas and also will open an hour earlier each day at 9am. 

Speaking of firsts, Friday was in fact the first time we've ever been open on Black Friday.   I wasn't sure what to expect, but you folks did not disappoint!  We are so thankful for your support on both Friday and Small Business Saturday.   I even got to share my thoughts about Small Business Saturday with a reporter from KOMU and Sophie and I made the 6 o'clock news that evening!

I have to share one story I'm still overwhelmed by...

On Saturday, the sweetest customer (I won't share her name but I know she's reading today) popped in and handed me a $100 Bill.  She said she didn't need anything from the shop, she couldn't have goodies because she was diabetic but she told me how much she enjoyed reading each week and wanted to support the shop.  I was in tears and thankful for my mask... but also it was so hard not to hug her!   

Know what else is hard?  Accepting a $100 bill from someone out of the blue who asks for nothing in return.

You might think, "Wow, I wish someone would hand me $100."  But believe you me, I tried everything I could think of to give her something from the shop before she went out the door.   A gift certificate.   Anything.   She wouldn't have it.   

Guys, I don't deserve random acts of kindness like this! But you better believe I'm going to pay it  forward tomorrow on Giving Tuesday.  I have my favorite non-profits I give to regularly, but tomorrow I want to do something special, although I'm not sure just yet what that's going to be.  So if any of you have any ideas for Giving Tuesday, I'd love to hear them. 

We were so blessed all the way around last week by all of you!  Thank you so very much.

And now...it's December. 

Here's a quick reminder of our extended hours through Christmas...we're opening at 9AM each day Monday - Saturday.  
And I'd be remiss if I didn't share a few of our holiday goodies with you before I sign off today.  We didn't do much for Cyber Monday, but everything I'm getting ready to share is available on our website in our 2020 Holiday Collection.  So if you have time, check it out. 

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