Happy Birthday to...

When I opened Plume, I got the bright idea that it should open on my 40th Birthday. It was, in fact, my 40th Birthday Present to myself.   Little did I know that would mean I would FOREVER be working on my birthday because business owners normally like to plan anniversary parties, events, sales, etc.  So it means tons of work leading up to the event, and of course the owner NEEDS to be there for the actual event.   Can I just tell you, I regret that decision every single year when my birthday rolls around.  Probably because it's also my twins birthday on October 30th, then Halloween and then our Holiday Open House is right around the corner and I pretty much spend all of October setting up Christmas trees in the shop. 

Why on earth didn't I decide to open Plume in July when there is absolutely nothing else going on?  

Well, July wasn't when God opened the doors.  It was November 1.  So that's when it happened. 

Last year we had a huge blowout Cupcake special for our 6th Birthday and it was super fun and we loved it.  But November 1st was a Friday.  And then we had 7 more days until our Holiday Open House the following Friday & Saturday on November 8th & 9th.   This year, thanks to Leap Year, November 1st is actually on a Sunday

When I realized this my first emotion was PURE JOY that we're CLOSED and I don't have to work on my Birthday.   But then my next thought was, "Dang! How am I going to have a Birthday/Anniversary Celebration at the shop on a Sunday?"  It seems weird to try to have it the day before on Halloween.  Do folks really want to shop on Halloween, or just be home helping kids get costumes ready?   And we're also closed on Monday the day after, and well....by Tuesday November 3rd when we reopen it just seems kind of anti-climactic.  Not to mention then we'd  have to turn right around and pull off our Holiday Open House in the same week.

I thought about my kids, and their birthdays and Halloween and my staff and how stressful it would be to have to work all day on Monday when we're closed to get the shop ready for an Anniversary Event and honestly friends, I just don't have it in me this year. 

I'm giving myself the grace to just skip it.   It is 2020 afterall.  Anything can happen in 2020 right?

I'm not going to fear the potential loss of sales.   God will provide.

I'm not going to feel like a failure.   I'm the only one who really probably even cares.

I'm not going to let pride make me overcommit to something I don't think I can pull off well.   I don't need to prove anything.

Happy Birthday to Me.

I'm going to enjoy every single minute of my kids birthday, and Halloween and my Birthday.  And frankly, that's the best gift I can give myself this year.  

(And I'm going to do all that while wearing my cute Handmade Plume Knit Slouchy Beanie...in stock for fall in this pattern and lots of solid colors too!  And by the way...since I haven't seen any of you without a mask on for like 3 months now...this is what I look like these days)

You might remember seeing this same knit pattern on our knotted bow baby turbans.   Yes, we made "Mommy & Me" sets this year.  (I just don't have any little babies of my own to model this one!!)  We have adult beanies and baby bow turbans available in so many beautiful soft knit colors.    And if you're spying that Truman book in the background, you can also grab one of those HERE! 

We're pouring so much energy into our Holiday Open House November 5th - 7th and it's going to be so fun.   We pray it "lightens your heart" and helps you get into the Holiday Spirit.   If you already know the deets, you can grab your tickets HERE.

Or keep reading for more info.  
Here's what you need to know...

The Open House will span 3 days, Thurs. Nov 5th thru Sat Nov 7th.   

We've expanded our hours on those three days and to avoid overcrowding in the shop we've created a ticketed event.

Tickets will be $10 (
but upon arrival you will receive a coupon good for $10, your ENTIRE TICKET price to be redeemed on any purchase at Plume during the Open House, $10 and up.)


Each ticket holder will receive...45 Minutes of safe, crowd free shopping AND a goody bag with an individually boxed cupcake, a GOPO favor bag of popcorn, and entry into our Grand Prize Giveaway.


We're thrilled to welcome back Local Author Jill Orr from 1pm to 5pm, all three days of the Open House for a Meet & Greet and SNEAK PEAK of her new book, How Not to Get Old.  You guys, it's so adorable and funny.  It's the perfect gift book for family and friends who might be entering a new "phase" of life.   Our ticketed spots go from 9AM to 6PM so make sure if you specifically want to see Jill, to grab a ticket between 1PM and 4PM, because she'll head out at 5PM each day.

Ticketed time slots will be 45 minutes, beginning every hour from 9am til 6PM.   Sign up for the time you want to attend.  There are tons of time slots available.   You may arrive anytime during your 45 minute time slot, but we will ask you to exit at the end of your time, regardless of your arrival time.   

We'll spend 15 minutes cleaning and sanitizing our high touch areas before the next group enters.    Guests will enter through the Gathering Room and exit through the main entrance.   

We will be safe and we will have THE MOST FUN! 

You can claim your tickets to the Holiday Open House HERE!

In the meantime...we only have 10 of our Kiss Me Cookies Halloween Cookie Decorating Kits left!  GRAB YOURS NOW!

Each kit contains:
  • 9 individually wrapped (and DELICIOUS) sugar cookies; 3 each of 3 different designs,
  • 4 colors of royal icing
  • 3 kinds of sprinkles
  • Basic Instructions
  • Inspirational photographs
  • Guaranteed Halloween FUN!
Kits are available for pick-up at Plume TODAY through Halloween, while they last (ONLY 10 LEFT!)  You can grab them and pop them in the freezer until Halloween.


Jana and I had round 2 of Christmas set up today.  As much as I grumble about the set-up process, she makes it bearable, and I'm pleased with how the shop is shaping up!  
If you need gifts, cupcakesgourmet popcorn & macarons this week, we'd love to help you.  

See you soon!