Teachers are a gift from God.  I’m so thankful for those at our Elementary School, Preschool & Church for pouring into my kiddos.   I love my kids but working with kids in that way is not my gift so I’ll gladly shower their teachers with appreciation this holiday for all they do every day.     

There’s no material gift out there that can ever truly show teachers how important they are to us and our kids.  And maybe you don’t have the money this year to buy anything.   Handwritten thoughtful notes telling them about the impact they’ve made on your child or your family mean so much.  Or how about a coupon worth a couple hours of help with classroom administrative things or running errands.

If shopping for teachers is in fact on your to-do list, I’ve scoped the shop to put together this little Teacher Gift List.  (And these could also apply to your friend, hairdresser, housekeeper, fitness instructor, dentist, …you name it!)  BONUS they’re handmade right here locally….so you not only say “Thanks Teach!” but you do it by supporting so many great small businesses, including mine.

1. Every Stitch by Hand -Hand towels – $13.99

So sweet & functional…available in vintage inspired designs and holiday patterns.   And yes, every single tiny stitch made by the hands of Anna & her momma Karen, with love.

2. Modish Jewelry  Starting at $10

Jamie is a local art teacher herself and she makes these beautiful earrings out of Vintage wallpaper and other findings.  

3. Creative Excess Nation Jewelry Starting at $10

If you’re a COMO Jazzerciser…you know who makes these.   One of your favorite instructors, Claire!  Handmade Felt Flower earrings and vintage inspired rose rings.  

4. All Natural Body Care Products starting at $8.50

These lip balms, lotion bars & sticks, scrubs and other essentials for  cold weather skin care are all 100% natural and made by another mother daughter team right here in COMO.  Scented with the most wonderful essential oils…they’ll help you feel like you just walked out of the spa.

5. Handmade Ornaments starting at $6

Every summer I start encouraging (or begging if you want to put it another way) our artists to create ornaments in preparation for Christmas.  I asked them to each design something that is representative of their overall businesses.  From hand-felted mini art pieces to handpainted dried okra Santas and monogram ornaments made from recycled books and cutter quilts…they answered the call this year..and I couldn’t be more proud.

6. Hand Poured Soy Candles starting at $8.50

The perfect size for gift giving…these 4oz jelly jar candles from Herron Home are all natural soy wax.   They make a great stand alone gift or can be thrown in a gift basket with other goodies. 

7. Goat Milk Hand Cream $8.50

Paper grading and shuffling leaves teachers with a serious case of the dry hand blues.  Made in Hallsville by Leah and her goats Chorus Girl, Serendipity and their friends & siblings, This Goat Milk Hand Cream is the best hand cream I have ever used.   And I’m not just saying that because I have 167 jars of it in the shop.   Rather…I have 167 jars of it…because its THAT GOOD.  Come try it!!

8. Two Cinnamon Rolls and a 4oz Bag of My Favorite Flavored Lakota Coffee (Bavarian Cream) $10.00 

Teachers need fuel.  Every day.  No need to wait till the last day of school before the holidays.  Surprise them anytime with made from scratch BK’s Bakery Cinnamon Rolls & Lakota Coffee.

9. Coffee Cozies starting at $7

These hand crocheted coffee cozies from Cathy over at Naptime Creations are a coffee drinkers best friend.  Cute, functional, and even better…re-usable.  Save some trees and kiss the cardboard cup huggers goodbye.  

10. Happy Acre Soap $5.95

If you’ve ever tried making soap, maybe you know how many hours of stirring go into making just one batch of it.  A lot.   These beautiful and delicious smelling soaps are handmade by my good friend Dari…right in her kitchen.  I have a feeling her sweet girls jump in here and there to give her stirring breaks…and for that I am thankful!   Your teachers will be too.

However you decide to thank them this Christmas…just thank them…because Teachers are heros.  And if you should need to pick up a gift or five or six (wink wink)  I would be so thrilled if you stopped by Plume.   I’ll have coffee, pastries, and a warm smile waiting.  See you soon!  Love, Kelly.