May 1, 2019

…Farewell Old Friend

So this week brought a little more clean up and organizing.  I’m working hard to get all my ducks in a row before the kids get out of school for the summer.

A couple years ago, Jana and I redid my office.  You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of that project over on the blog if you care for some background info.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of organization and space in the storage unit, my office got really cluttered along the way also.  So part of the Project Back Room purpose was to allow me to reclaim my office as the beautiful, quirky, peaceful place that it once was.

The office is small so I can’t really adequately show you a good picture…but if you hopped over to my past post you saw some snippets of how lovely it was in 2017.  But here is 2019 reality from a few weeks ago.

I’m happy to say that after a bit of work today… I have almost reclaimed my shiny gold shelf!   I love having my shelf back and being able to see all my “treasure”.  Like the vintage adding machine with the green buttons and my little pink quilted sewing box.  There for no other reason than I love them and they match my cute pillows.

And full disclosure, a lot of what was on the shelf is now in a box on the floor that is going to be moved to the storage room and further sorted and organized.

But at least its off the shelf!  And the mis-mash of papers and folders on the bottom 2 shelves are waiting for my new white file cabinet I ordered off Amazon, so I can further get my folders etc. organized.  But more than having all my nostalgic things properly showcased again, I’m most excited about my new Desktop Computer.

You really can’t fully appreciate this computer like I do, until you see the piece of junk I’ve been toting back and forth from home & the shop every day.  The lid/screen has come completely unattached from the hinges and is LITERALLY about to fall off of.

And that might look like a cute vintage hobnail pen holder to you, but what it really is doing is propping the lid up on my computer every time I open it to work!It’s been like this FOR A YEAR (As my business coach can attest to…).  I’ve been running my business off a laptop that’s been held together by 1 tiny WIRE.

I didn’t have time to replace it before the holidays and just didn’t want the disruption of change during a busy time of year so I just kept putting it off.

I actually bought this new computer back in February but the office was such a wreck I didn’t even want to take it out of the box.  WELL TODAY WAS THE DAY!   It is out of the box working, all my software installed and files transferred over.  I’m ready to WERK!


Farewell old faithful piece of junk.  Thank you for holding on and not completely biting the dust during the week before Christmas or most recently while I was finishing up my 2018 taxes.   You’ve served me well…but now it’s time to say buh-bye.

I’m excited to help all of you take care of mom this week with a Felt Flower Bouquet or other handmade gift.    Delight your Graduates with our new Graduation Cupcake Assortment and popcorn samplers  AND…we opened up our Summer Felt Succulent Workshop this week!    You can read more about all those fun things if you keep scrolling down.


Thanks for starting your morning with me, friends.  I’m heading to the shop this morning when we open up at 10AM!


See you Soon!