June 25, 2019


Are you all singing that song now?

My good friend and family photographer Lana Eklund from Art & Soul Photography came by last week to help us put together a little make shift photography studio in our back room.   We have a few obstacles to overcome back there like poor lighting, not a ton of space and the fact that we really need to be able to just take photos on our phones.  We don’t have the time or expertise right now to take pictures with fancy cameras, flashes etc.

A couple years ago I bought a cheap-o light kit off of Amazon that had 3 different lights with the umbrella filters and tripods but I never really knew how I was supposed to position them to get the right effect.  Turns out, I had been using the umbrellas backwards!  And I had cool toned light bulbs in some and warm in others.  So after analyzing the set up, she got to work making suggestions.

First we turned off all the overhead lights in the room which were actually making too many shadows on the backdrops and products we were photographing.  Then we played around with the three lights, including their heights and angles…and even employed this roll of Gaff tape at one point to prop up one of the stands at the right angle.

Told you we were getting fancy!

Poor Lana.  I know she must have been cringing the whole time because she is the consumate pro.  Not used to doing things this way.  She’s the best.photographer. (proven here with the very first family photo ever taken by her 10 years ago!)

She’s taken many photos of us and our kids over the years but I don’t have the time to hunt for them at the moment.  But I also had her take some photos of the shop when we added the new retail space. And a new head shot of me too!

So again, working in our little makeshift studio was a challenge for her.

Look at her….balancing the extra lighting and the phone at the same time like a real pro.

And one last behind-the-scenes image…



You can find these earrings, handmade by Jen Stober, in the shop when we open back up at 10AM today.  And look for them on our Website Soon!

In addition, you can find Lana’s products made from her original images of some of Columbia’s favorite landmarks at Plume.

Available in-store and online;  wood coaster setgreeting card setsframed and unframed 8×10 prints.   You can now order online and choose FREE IN STORE PICKUP at Plume.  And if you need a local photographer for your family portraits or other milestone events, give her a call!

P.S. Don’t forget these upcoming events!   Read on for more info!