Gain Some Perspective

This past week was a difficult one.

I mentioned last week that I had a minor surgery.  Some of you know that my sweet momma is a 3 time breast cancer survivor so I'm thankful to be followed by my doctors very closely.  I had an abnormal mammogram this spring, followed by a needle biopsy that showed some areas the Dr. wanted to review more thoroughly.  So I needed to have a larger sample removed surgically.  I kept telling myself it wasn't going to be a big deal.  But once I was actually in the hospital...telling Jeremy goodbye...sitting in a room all by myself for close to 3 hours waiting until time for surgery (thanks covid)... getting an IV...talking to the anesthesiologist...about to be put to sleep...

I felt scared.  

Not scared of cancer, but scared of not waking up.  I don't know where that fear came from.  But eventually they gave me some "happy" medicine and I remember warm blankets on me and being wheeled down the hallway.   I don't remember making it into the actual O.R. I don't remember them putting anything over my face. And then in an instant, I was awake in recovery. And I remember feeling just this enormous relief at being awake and alive.  

(I'm also thankful that the pathology from all the tissue they removed came back clear for cancer.)   

So while I'm still sore and healing.  I'm ok. 

I went back to the shop on Tuesday last week, after having surgery the prior Friday.  Plume is doing really well.  I'm so thankful for all of you and your support.  But there are always unexpected things that come up and some of those things are just hard. 

Business is hard.

But I put on my big girl pants, talked to my business consultant (aka therapist) and to a sweet friend who's been beside me from the very beginning.  And was able to gain some perspective and move forward.  

Business is hard, but its "just business".   And my kids need me.  My hubby needs me.  And then I hear about young boys in a life altering ATV accident over the weekend and suddenly, my life isn't hard at all.  

And then I sat down and looked at our September calendar. 

Yep, Sometimes you just have to keep moving.

It seems like all of the sudden our family calendar is a complete mess of a rainbow (keep in mind that the majority of what you're seeing here isn't "work" related).   I'm really not sure how that happened.  We've never really been a family to have our kids over scheduled in a bunch of activities but it seems this is the year it's all hitting.  But it's exciting to see them trying and experiencing new things.  Anni gets to start Choir this week and the big kids are running in their first ever Cross Country meet. 

If you're a Cross Country parent and have any advice on what a parent does at a Cross Country meet, please share!   We want to get this right!   

Fall is rolling in, can you feel it?    It's already getting darker earlier and the mornings have cooled off.  I love it.  Here's a peek at a few fun Fall Goods you can find in the shop this week. 

Adorable hats to ring in the start of Pumpkin season! 

Pumpkin Spice Candles from Sweet Water Decor (by the way ladies, did you know that the smell of pumpkin has been proven do be an aphrodisiac?   They don't call it "Pumpkin Spice" for nothing!  Google it!)

Saturday was a super fun Game Day weekend and we loved helping all of you with your tailgate treats.    The Tigers will be in Kentucky this weekend so if you need goodies for your watch party, or want to order provisions for future home games, you can do that right on our website! 

And a few spots left for our newest Felt Flower Workshop with Beth from Heartgrooves Handmade.   This project is so, so beautiful! 

4 Available Dates & Times
Thursday September 16th 6-8PM  (7 Spots Left)
 Saturday September 18th 10-12PM (6 Spots Left)
 Thursday October 7th 6-8PM (6 Spots Left)
Space is limited 
Read more about it and sign Up 
As always, we'd love to help you with any gatherings or celebrations you're having this week.  The bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacarons & classic cookies but ordering ahead will help us better plan our production this week.  
Stop by and for more Gifts & Goodies. 
See you in the shop this week!