January 28, 2020

Jeremy and I had the best getaway last week in Cabo San Lucas.  Our first time there.

The highlight of the trip (outside of just being able to have one on one time without our kids for 5 days) was our Humpback Whale Adventure.  We were within arms reach of 2-3 humpback whales on a boat out in the middle of the ocean.

This picture taken right off the side of our boat.  No zoom lense, we were that close.  Our guide called this the “Spy Look”.  The whale’s curiosity got the better of them and they kept coming closer and closer to the boat, actually reaching up out of the water so they could visually “check us out”.  Jeremy actually even got to get in the water with them.       And then this happened…

If you’d like to see the video of the above shot, and hear me screaming in excitement when I just happened to have my camera in the right spot at the right time to catch this, make sure you’re following on Instagram HERE.  I’ll be posting our full vacation highlights to stories later this week (mostly just for my own journaling, but if you like that kind of thing…please follow along)
On our last morning there Jeremy got to go paddleboarding with one of the locals and wouldn’t you know three more whales (momma, baby & momma’s friend) swam right by him and then we got to see baby learning how to jump out of the water.  My goodness it was just incredible.   Jeremy is now calling himself a Whale Magnet and I have had several requests for a maker to make actual Whale Magnets for the shop, so if you know someone who can make them… send them my way!

We got home this weekend and I spent about 5 hours on Sunday at the shop emptying the kitchen for our remodel project to kick off first thing this morning.

Said goodbye to the pink oven (It’s still in the shop, but disconnected and moved out of the way and we won’t be baking in it anymore) and this was how everything looked emptied out and ready for the demo crew.

These guys had a long dirty day and worked hard!
This was at the beginning when they were just getting started.

And this was about the point where I started freaking out because even though this ain’t my first rodeo… I seem to have forgotten how incredibly messy and dusty demo is!

There are 3 big changes happening that will help us work more efficiently and grow well for Plume 4.0 (Can you believe this is my 4th Remodel?) .

  • New OVEN!  (Had to make space for it so we knocked out the wall that used to be my small dry goods pantry and will open that space up)  No more baking one tray of cupcakes at a time!  We will be able to bake larger batches more efficiently but we for sure plan to keep our small batch quality, deliciousness and attention to detail.
  • New Sinks!  (Took out the bathroom that was off the kitchen to make way for a new and improved 3-compartment sink.  I have one now, but it resides in the other part of the shop behind my check out counter.  So we have been prepping and baking in the kitchen using the approved prep sink, but then we have to drag the dishes behind the counter and get them washed before the shop opens for the day.  This means our baking and cleanup time has been on a pretty tight schedule.  Moving everything into the kitchen will allow us more flexibility for when we bake, no longer being confined to just the mornings and we hope this means we’ll be able to allow other outside bakers who need commercial kitchen space to come in and use our kitchen in small blocks of time.
  • New Layout and Floor plan!   Karen and Renee are looking forward to being able to organize a space that flows better.

We are just so, so ready and excited for what these changes will mean for our little Bake Shoppe and for all of you!   The one downfall is that our Kitchen is temporarily CLOSED!  This means no cupcakes for the time being.  (Not even for Valentines Day…which really hurts!!)
We’ve worked with our other foodie partners, GOPO and Frenchy Treats to make sure we aren’t leaving you high & dry!   You can click on the images below for more info, or keep reading to the end of the email.

LASTLY… We have just 9 Spots Left for our Valentine Cookie Decorating Workshop.

Thursday Feb 13th 6 – 8PM  (SOLD OUT!)
Friday Feb 14th 10AM – 12PM (9 spots left! Perfect for a fun girls morning out if you have the day off! Or Mom’s, bring your daughter…school’s out that day!)
$70 Per Person

Hop on over to the website HERE to sign up NOW!  

Lots of you got your personalized “LOVE MUG” Orders in last week.  This week is the last week to order in time for Valentines Day.  Keep reading to the bottom for order links.

After a rather dud of a week last week due to all the weather issues, we’re looking forward to seeing you all this week.