Father's Day and Juneteenth...

We hope you were able to spoil all.the.Dads in your life. And if you're reading this and you ARE a dad, or if you're playing the role of both MOM & DAD in your home, we say a special thanks for all you DO.   I didn't get to see my Dad or my Dad-in-LOVE this weekend since they both live out of town, but we did get together with friends to celebrate Jeremy and all the Dad's in our "friend family" here in COMO. 

My friend Rachel is a pro at planning fun party games.    We had each Dad provide (5) random facts that their kids wouldn't know about them...and then we played "Guess that Dad?"   She made these hilarious "dad paddles" for the kids to use while they were guessing.   It was a hoot!   And I think the kids learned a lot (hopfully not too much :) about their dads.

I couldn't ask for a better Dad to my kids.  He is for sure the "fun parent" in the mix.  These are just a few of my favorite pics of him from this year so far.   I would also be remiss if I didn't say that if you're missing your dad, or maybe have a not-so-great dad, we see you too.  We know these holidays aren't always joyful for everyone.   I'm thankful that no matter our circumstances here on Earth, we have a heavenly Father that sees us and cares for us. 

Not only was Sunday Father's Day, it was also JUNETEENTH!   Learning that Black Slaves in the South, particularly Texas, had to wait over 2 and a half years before learning they had been freed blew my mind, and quite frankly makes me very angry.  I never knew anything about this.   I can't imagine how bittersweet that day was in 1865.  Learning you had been freed 30 months earlier... but also knowing God created you to be free all along.   Looking back in hindsight we know that yes, this was a reason to celebrate but there were still so many battles ahead for African Americans...for all of us.

Did you happen to see our Maker Feature on Instagram about this pretty lady Sunday Night?   We were so thankful to host Veterans United along with Krystal & Al from K&K Co, in our Gathering Room to film their beautiful story, as a way to celebrate and bring awareness to Juneteenth by supporting Black Locally Owned Businesses.   

We'll be sharing more about this project later which also included our Favorite Local POPCORN Biz, Gopo!  But if you missed the K&K Co. video, you can hop over to our Instagram Feed HERE and watch.  Make sure to give us a Follow while you're there, it really helps support the shop to have your interaction on our Social Media Feeds.   

And if you need a gift this week, we are fully stocked in K&K Co. Products.  I've been using their Coconut Mango scrub and body cream and it is AMAZING!  I loce everything about this brand.  The fragrances, quality and most of all the Makers! 

Today is the June 21st!  We're coasting into the official first day of summer and are here to help you with all your gifting needs this week!   

Babies, Brides & Birthdays are our specialty.  

See you Soon!