December 17, 2019


Down to the Nitty Gritty…

It’s GO-TIME friends and this snow is not helping ONE BIT.

I hear all of you out there cheering for a White Christmas, and I love a snowy Christmas morning as much as anyone.  But as a small business owner, a WHITE-WEEK-BEFORE-CHRISTMAS is not a good thing.   Losing a day of sales during the holiday season is like losing a whole week (or more!) of sales during the rest of the year.  It hurts!

So lets all just think “happy thoughts” shall we?

Tonight, with snow days, kids  home, and Christmas in just 9 days, my brain is just about mush so without further musings…I’m just going to share what we have going on this week.

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
Opening Early at 9am!
9AM – 6PMFriday Dec 20
Frenchy Treats Pop-UP!    Croissants at 7am. 
(reply to this email if you want to pre-order croissants!)
Macarons are still available everydaySaturday Dec 21
Open 9-5Sunday Dec 22


Monday Dec 23
Open 9AM – 7PM

Christmas EVE
Open 9AM – 1PM

December 25 & 26

We’ve sold so, so  much handmade goodness already, but I promise you, there is more to be had!  Our makers are still actively making and stocking and working hard to keep up with demand.    BONUS!  You can park right by the door!!

Nothing we love more than helping you Give Love to your people.

Only 7 more Plume shopping days til Christmas. 

P.S. If you can’t make it in and would like Gift Certificates, you can pay for those on our website and I will email you a printable Gift Certificate.   CLICK HERE…