"Big Screen" Update

If you're new here...WELCOME! 

(We've had quite a few new folks join us over the last week since our marketing ads went live...and I'm so excited!   Please know...you'll only get one of these emails a week and I try to keep them as light and fun as possible...while keeping you up to date on all our upcoming workshopsbake shoppe goodies , and other fun merch collections we've been working on.)

If you were with us last week...my kids are all back safely from camp, they got their school schedules today and now we're scampering around with the rest of Columbia trying to make sure they have everything they need for back-to-school.   It's official!  We're OUT of the Elementary Years and for this year, all three of my kids will be at one school (twins in 8th grade and Anni is 6th).   I'm excited about that...only...there are no crayons in Middle School.

It's a bit sad...

For the first time in close to 10 years, I didn't have crayons or glue sticks on my shopping list.    Then I realized we had tons of extra boxes and tubs of crayons all through our house and my kids told me they will no longer use them.  My girls still love to draw and color but they only want to use markers or colored pencils.  So I found a local teacher in my neighborhood and donated a ton of crayons to her for her classroom.  

That helped cheer me up...

You better believe I'm going to be taking a ton of pics on the first day this year!  I'm also going to try very hard to remember to take "last day" pics so I can see how much they have grown.   I found these adorable pennant flags to help capture the moments...

If you love Anni's Felt  "First Day of School" Pennant
Grab that HERE!

These come in a set of 2 - First + Last Day.   
We've added fun dowel sticks to our sets to make them easier to hold and wave!

While we're talking about caputring moments on camera... all our commercials, social media ads and my 90 Second Story Video went live last week. 

It's difficult to watch myself on video, and even more so hearing myself speak on camera (but between you and I...I do prefer my own voice in the "long" video, compared to the professional voice over we had to use in the short 15 & 30 second videos).

If you have 90 seconds to spare, you can hop over and watch HERE.   While you're over on Instagram, make sure you're following us there.  It's the place to be if you want to see more video and behind the scenes footage that I can't always easily share in these emails. 

On another note, I did get a message from one of our local authors and she told me she saw the commercial on HGTV!  YAY! 

(After I made that big "to-do" about being on HGTV & the Food Network it occured to me I should clarify... you'll only see it if Mediacom is your cable provider.  And only then if you're in the Columbia or Jeff City Market...and only then if you happen to get lucky and it pops on sometime between the hours of 6am and Midnight.)  

So...we haven't quite gone global yet!  

Aside from trying to prep the kids for school a week from tomorrow, I spent most of the rest of my day working on an Application for Employment on our website.   

Yes, we're hiring! 

(Isn't Sydney a doll by the way?)

Come join our team. 
Or send your favorite people our way. 
We're hiring for several different positions. 

Team Lead; Bake Shoppe & Events (20-25 Hours Per Week)
Team Lead; Retail Merchandising, Customer Service & Sales (20-25 Hours Per Week)
Part Time Customer Service & Sales (10-15 Hours Per Week)
Temp Seasonal Help (5 - 10 Hours Per Week Starting Oct 1 - Dec 24)

Read more about our available positions and Apply Here

Don't forget to read to the end for more info on all our upcoming Workshops and if you need a gift for Babies, Brides & Birthdays we'd love to help you in the shop this week. 

See You Soon!