Before... After...

What a great weekend!

My sweet parents came back to town to catch Luci playing soccer and Chance playing baseball.  In spite of a rained out soccer game, we had a great weekend.  I just love my mom and dad!  

We even had time to tackle a few small projects around the house. 

We've lived in this house for almost 10 years.  When we moved in, I had twin 2 year olds and Anni was about 2 weeks away from being born.  We basically cleaned and painted our master bath and have really not done another single thing since.  All the finishes are basic vanilla builder grade from 15 years ago, and nothing that I would have ever picked out.  So aside from gutting it and starting from scratch, I just haven't been super inspired (plus a little busy with other things) to "make it ours". 

There are lots of issues with the bathroom I won't go into, but one of them is that there is no linen closet. A complete lack of storage and organization.   And our only place for towels is a towel rack that is now pulling out of the wall.   So we finally tackled the area above the toilet...
Our toilet sits back in a little "alcove" so I looked for similar layouts on pinterest and found several ideas.  Jeremy made these shelves for me from a couple planks of wood, I stained them and...voila!  Not sure why it took us so long.  But I love it! 

Everything on the shelves I already had.   The polka dot towels are the towels we actually use all the time that were hanging on a towel bar on another wall (the one that was falling out of the wall...)  The white towels in the before pic we hardly ever use so I'm not sure why they were stuffed in that rack for the last 10 years.

I especially love finding the perfect spot from my Granny's milk glass slipper...
I just keep walking into the bathroom to stare at it.   Thank you Jeremy!    He can pretty much figure out how to do most anything we need done around the house. 

My dad helped Jeremy a bit with the shelf project...and then my mom and I tackled the front porch.  Last year, I don't even think I pulled my fall decor out of the attic.  Before kids (and especially before Plume) I dare to say I was crazy about decorating my house for all the seasons and holidays.  But these last few years, the more energy I've poured into the shop, the less I have for my own home.  It makes me super sad.  I had a blank wreath and a giant tub of flowers at the shop that were supposed to be made into wreaths to sell, but I just never got around to that either. So I drug it all home today and selfishly used it all to redo my own front porch.    

Made myself a new wreath featuring some fall cabbage and magnolia leaves and I AM IN LOVE!
Moved an old chair I had in the basement to the porch. Grabbed an orange polka dot burlap pillow from the shop as well as as some other straw bundles and berries and went to work. 
 The skeleton is courtesy of my son...

If you like some of these details I do have a few straw bundles I'm putting out on the sales floor today and I have one polka dot orange pillow left.   I also have quite a few spring/summer pillows and pillow covers marked waaaay down to make way for holiday pillows coming soon. 

Stop by this week!
It's also never too early to order personalized gifts for the holidays.  We love these  new personalized signs from Kim at Blue Daisy Dreamer
A couple of different options available...

Perfect for wedding, anniversary, housewarming and Christmas gifts.  Order now for local pickup at Plume.  (Sorry, no shipping available for these).
Still lots of fun fall items in the shop....candles, signs, and other fall decor.

We'd love to help you pick out a few things for your home and shop for gifts.  And don't forget to order your cupcakesgourmet popcorn & macarons for all your special events this week. 
See you Soon!