Back to School Blues...

I have a love/hate relationship with the first day of school. 

I drop my kids off that first day and come back home, tidy up the breakfast dishes...fluff the pillows on the couch...throw in a load of laundry or 2...and 8 hours later the house is still tidy.   

It's Glorious!   

The return of a schedule.  I think more clearly.  I can focus on work...the shop... mark a few things off my To Do list.

And then pics like these pop up in my feed. 
And I'm toast.


My heart just almost explodes with longing for those sweet cheeks from kindergarten...1st grade smiles...the hugs from third grade...

Where have my babies gone?   

Another year passed.  Another set of hash marks on our growth chart.  (We mark the start of every school year with measurements...)

This year they're 5th and 7th grade;  4th and 6th lost in a COVID haze. 

I'm so proud of the people they're growing into.  I love those people dearly.  I would never go back, even if I could.  But there is just something about this time each year where I'm more acutely aware of the passing of time.  Our days of being a family all under one roof...are more than half over.   

Ahhh...can't go there anymore tonight. 

I really, really pray all your babies are off to start the best school year ever! 

Now.  Let's change the subject.

Back to School Cookies are now online if you'd like to reserve some for pickup after school this afternoon.   ORDER HERE.

These sweet edible messages are so amazing!  Designed and baked in our Bake Shoppe kitchen by Kiss Me Cookies, they come with edible markers so you can write your kiddo's name on the back pack, or write them or their teacher a little encouragement on the notebook paper.  The three pack cookie sets also make great lunch box treats!  Available this week.  Cookies are individually wrapped and heat sealed. 

Rally Caps are HERE and we're so excited!   

All hats are now available online + in store!
We've been able to add an additional Cookie Decorating Workshop on Saturday Sept 25th from 10-12.  You can sign up for that HERE.   If you want to attend hurry to sign up as there are just 5 spots left for that. 

And a few spots left for our newest Felt Flower Workshop with Beth from Heartgrooves Handmade.   This project is so, so beautiful! 

4 Available Dates & Times
Thursday September 16th 6-8PM
Saturday September 18th 10-12PM
Thursday October 7th 6-8PM
Saturday October 9th 10-12PM
Space is limited 
Read more about it and sign Up 

As always, we'd love to help you with any gatherings or celebrations you're having this week.  The bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacarons & classic cookies but ordering ahead will help us better plan our production this week.  Stop by and for more Gifts & Goodies. 
See you in the shop this week!