Back at it...

We headed off on our family vacation last week. was just what we needed.
But we were still very cautious about it.

We went with 4 other families that we're super close with, and that our kids are also super close with.  But it was a different kind of vacation.  We did not go out to dinner a single time, just ordered take out a couple times and the rest of our meals we ate in our rooms.  

We did not go into the vehicles or rooms of our friends... still maintained social distancing as much as we could.

Didn't take the elevator at the condo...

Hardly swam in the pool at all...

Wore our masks every time we went inside anywhere for any reason...

Used more hand sanitizer than we ever thought possible...

....and we just lived outside on the beach!  
It was glorious!

We all said it was the most normal we had felt in months.   

It was hard to come back.  

But alas...we did.  

We're home and I'll be back in the shop this week.  
I did make some vacation necessities for my girlfriends...
AND YES...there are three of us named "Kelly" in our group... (Such a popular name for babies in the 70's!)

I did order just a few extra of these skinny can insulated coozies for the shop too, if there are any other White Claw or Truly fans out there. (We did a quick huddle for a picture!) These were a game changer to keep drinks cool on the beach!  Drop by the shop this week if you'd like to grab one for yourself or a friend.

Don't forget to get your cupcake orders in! 
Order HERE.
"Everyday" Bouquets are back this week too!
"Everyday" bouquets from Cultivate Co. are dropped off fresh every Tuesday & Friday.   Drop by or pre-order HERE.   

"Everyday" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (15 Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (30-Stems)  $49.99
"Everyday" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (15- Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (30-Stems)  $49.99

Macarons from MacKenzie's Blakery!  
Macarons are available for walk-in customers every Tuesday - Saturday in Assorted 6 & 12 packs.  We'll be rolling out more ordering options in the coming weeks but for now, you may order Macarons HERE.  
Looking forward to getting back in the shop this week Tuesday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4.

See you Soon!