May 8, 2019

…Just when you think you have a day to catch up.

Monday I spent the day at the Capitol on a field trip with my 4th Graders.  I’m thankful I have the ability to go on field trips with the kids.  Especially realizing as this 4th grade year comes to a close, we really only have one more year of them.  I’m not aware of many parents who get invited on field trips in 6th grade or beyond so I figure I better take full advantage of these opportunities.  Also, not being from Missouri I had never been on a tour of the Capitol and I learned quite a bit.

So yesterday, I was looking forward to having part of the day wide open to play catch-up.  I was in the shop by myself working in my office.  All of the sudden I hear a loud crash, wood banging, glass breaking and all kinds of ruckus from the other part of the shop.  I was afraid to go check it out…having no idea what kind of mess I was going to find.

If you’ve been to Plume, you may remember our GOPO feature wall.

It always looks so nice when all the cups are full and lined up.

Well when I rounded the corner, instead of our pretty GOPO display…this is what I saw,

The slat wall had just pulled itself away from the concrete wall and drooped over, spilling all the contents that were sitting on the upper shelf right into the floor.


I then spent my catch up time removing all the remaining items from the display to prevent further damage, cleaning up all the broken glass and spilled popcorn, and calling my hubby to make sure he could come up to the shop and re-secure the wall.   Catch up time was pretty gone by then.

Thankfully, after selling most of our Popcorn before we closed on Saturday there wasn’t much actual popcorn left on the display and the glass jars that hold our samples each week were spared.  Everything slid off at an angle from the top shelf and just went right over those glass jars to the floor.  So the only broken glass was a couple of smaller ball jars that were sitting up on that top shelf with the popcorn display bags.  But still, there was glass everywhere.

So…Jeremy did go up to the shop last night and put about a million extra screws back in the wall because we can’t have that happening again.  I am SO, SO THANKFUL it happened 1) while the shop was closed and 2) while I was personally there so that we could get it fixed before we opened back up today and 3) while there were no customers standing there sampling away at the popcorn jars.   Not a good experience if you get cracked over the head with a fallen wooden shelf or glass jar while you’re shopping.

I can also just imagine if  the girls would have shown up at 5:30 this morning to bake cupcakes and bag up all the fresh popcorn and found a huge mess.

Never a dull moment around here in the life of a small business owner.

But speaking of popcorn… We have some fun samplers put together for Teachers and Graduates this year.   (Did we mention edible gifts are great for especially hard to buy for Male Teachers and Principals and Graduating BOYS!)  Our “Popular Grad” GOPO Samplers are always a hit to accompany a little cash.  Keep reading down for more info on Pre-Ordering your Popcorn Samplers.

AND…In honor of MIZZOU Graduation… new Feature Flavor for MAY in the house this week!!

TIGER STRIPE!!  It’s Dark Chocolate swirled with Yellow White Chocolate + crunchy bits of sea salt.  Soooo GOOD!   Come try it off  of our Complimentary Sampling Bar all month long in May.

Finally, can’t sign off without a shout out to all the moms in our life.  What would we do without them?  We’re here to help you show momma some LOVE with a handmade gift this week.   Or better yet, why not bring her out to Plume for a cupcake, some coffee and some quality time wandering around the shop together.  So much goodness to see.

Have a great day!