A Sigh of Relief...

The week after vacation back at work is always kind of a doozy isn't it? 

I felt disorganized and a little out of sorts but it did end up being a productive week.   

I hired a wonderful person to fill our Bake Shoppe position.   That sound you're hearing in the background is me breathing a huge sigh of relief!

So thankful! 

This week we'll start orientation and training and gearing up for fall & holidays.  Can you believe that?  Saturday is August 1st.   So much work to do to get ready for the holidays yet so much uncertainty about what the holidays will even look like. 

Will we even be able to be open? 

If I allow myself to overthink it too much, I can become paralyzed and stop making decisions all together.  Every so often I just have to tell myself to snap out of it!

"Kelly, one-week-day-hour-minute at a time.  Just do the next right thing."

 Thank you Anna from Frozen II for that mantra. 
We're working on plans for Tiger Football, Fall & Thanksgiving and Holiday Cupcake boxes.  I love designing.  It's one of my favorite things about Plume.  Designing products and seeing them come to market.   We're loving our new cupcake ordering system and it's going to make ordering these special boxes a snap. 

In the meantime, if you need cupcakes for an upcoming event you can order HERE.    Order any size box (4, 6, 12 or 24) and fill it with all the flavors you like best.

We also have a BRAND NEW Macaron Menu & Order page on our website for MacKenzie's Blakery.  Along with ordering pre-filled assorted gift boxes you can now also order Specialty Boxes in all one flavor.  New Specialty Flavors added to the menu this week include:  Birthday Cake, Cookies N Cream, Red Velvet, Fruity Pebbles & S'mores   (So YUMMY!)

And even order by the TRAY if you're planning for a party.   Trays of 35 Macarons are $60.  Choose up to 2 Flavors. 

"Everyday" Bouquets are back this week too!
"Everyday" bouquets from Cultivate Co. are dropped off fresh every Tuesday & Friday.   Drop by or pre-order HERE.   

"Everyday" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (15 Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (30-Stems)  $49.99
"Everyday" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (15- Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (30-Stems)  $49.99

As always, if you need a handmade gift for a new baby, bride, or birthday, we'd love to help you. 
Excited to see you all this week!