...A Fond Farewell

If you've been following our little shop for awhile you know that we've had the privilege to feature many different bakers over the years.  From Cinnamon Rolls to Croissants, Cupcakes & Cookies we've worked with some of Columbia's best.   In late 2017 we brought the Cupcake business in house to create a bit more stability with one of our bake shoppe offerings, while still being able to team up with other local bakers to offer a variety of other goodies. 

Enter Frenchy Treats...

I met Julie Hutton from Frenchy Treats late last summer and immediately fell in love with her and her authentic French Croissants and Macarons.   We started selling Frenchy Treats at Plume in October.  The one disadvantage I knew going into the partnership is that it would be short term.   Julie's husband is an Emergency Medicine Resident at Mizzou and was finishing up his final year.  They had already made plans to move to California once he completed his training this June.  But we decided to make the most of the time we had together.


What an amazing partnership it's been.
I'm super sad to say that Julie only has 2 more Friday Pastry Pop-ups at Plume before she will move on to start her new life in California.   But I'm so thankful to have had her be a part of Plume.  Her croissants and macarons are the best I've ever had.  There's something about having these fine "French Treats" made from an authentic French baker who grew up making Macarons with her mom in the kitchen and knows what a true French croissant should taste like.   Julie uses unbleached flour & real french butter and chocolate to replicate the croissants she grew up eating at the corner Patisseries in France.  

If you haven't had a chance to order these delicious treats, you only have this week and next to experience them right here in Columbia before Julie moves away.   We have 2 Friday Pop-ups left, this Friday May 22nd and next Friday May 29th. 

Will you help me give Julie the best send off ever??   Get your orders in and lets  help her use up all her specialty ingredients before she leaves and let her know how much we've enjoyed having her here in Columbia.
Box of 6 Plain $17
Box of 6 Chocolate $23
Mixed Box of 6 $20
Mixed box of 10 $30

Assorted Box of 6 $12
Assorted Box of 12 $22


We're also helping you say "Thankful for You" to those who have inspired and assisted you during this quarantine with the launch of a pretty new bundle this week. 

Healthcare Workers, Teachers, Grocery Store Clerks... who has been a blessing to you during this Quarantine?  Send them a bundle of thanks!  We'll fill out the card for you and ship, or free local pick-up at Plume!   Just $29.99
Order HERE.

We're also celebrating with Jill Orr over the upcoming release of the 4th book in The Riley Ellison Mysteries, The Full Scoop. 
Release date is June 9th.  Pre-Order HERE, for Pickup at Plume or we will ship!

And finally, we're so excited to be spending more time in the sunshine and our "Ear Candy" Collection has lots of fun handmade earrings to Jazz Up your summer outfits.   Mustard is still going strong in 2020 and these leather basket weave earrings from KS Designs are a must have wardrobe staple.

Looking forward to seeing you in the shop this week!