8 Years and Another Chapter Closed...

For the last 8 years I've been a parent of a Rock Bridge Elementary Student. Anni had her 5th Grade Graduation this past week and walked out of the school for the last time.  

We couldn't have asked for a better experience, a better principal, teachers or staff for our kiddos. It was a joy. My kids learned and grew there. They were loved there. But most importantly, my kids were safe there. 

But what if...?

What if the worst possible nightmare you could imagine happened here in Columbia?  

I don't know how a community, a school, a mother or father moves forward after something like what happened last week happens.

I know God is in the midst of it all. I know He cares. But it's so very hard to understand. 

I don't often repeat the words of others here but I read a gut-wrenching post on social media that I feel compelled to share with you.  I still can't read it without sobbing.

This was a post written in 2021.  

14 Months ago. Yet here we are, again.

I share this not to open discussion about gun rights or share my personal views on the topic. But to shed light on one teacher's perspective of what she has to spend time on in the classroom in order to keep her tiny students safe, rather than being able to "just teach."

Like how to wear their backpack full of books as a shield.

Like how to be brave.

This is being taught to Kindergarteners. 

Kids so young they can't even call it an "Intruder Drill" or whatever else they are called.  They have to call it the "Following Directions Drill" because that is something they can understand.

They can't understand what it would be like for someone to come into their school who would want to hurt them.

It's just gut-wrenching.

I recently started following Sara Bohl, local author of The Civilian Newsletter and podcast, who has made it her mission to share non-biased information on hot-button political topics to help lay people understand both sides. She eloquently describes both sides of various arguments including Gun Control and recently posted about the importance of making your voice heard, no matter your position. 

It's not enough to be upset and grieve. It's not enough to talk about it with friends. We must act. She comes at this from a position that no matter what side you are on in the Gun Control debate, there is common ground. There is a universal agreement that we want to stop the slaughter of innocent people, especially school children. 

There is disagreement on how to go about it. That's a fair statement. But each person has the ability to act and contacting your Senators is the first step. I've never contacted my Senators, for every reason. I may have sent a couple of form letters here and there, but Sarah has given me the courage and confidence to make my voice heard and gives clear advice on how to do that HERE. It's worth reading and listening to her most recent conversation about this. 

Friends, I don't mean to leave you with heavy hearts, but rather encourage you to keep fighting the good fight. 

With hope moving forward,   

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