6,000 Cupcakes...

I started writing these weekly blurbs in September 2018.  For 119 weeks in a row I've sat down to share my random thoughts with you.   It's a self-imposed deadline, but one that's super important to me.  I never want to lose the connection I have with each of you. 

This past Monday was the first time I consciously went to bed, knowing I hadn't written my email for the week.  So you better believe it was for a dang good reason!

Remember last week when I mentioned the HUGE and amazing special order we were working on!  It was THAT HUGE.  Email-missing HUGE!  So incredible that when we were finally finished at 10PM I could not muster one ounce of strength to sit down and share it with you.  

Until now.  

On Tuesday Dec 1st, we were asked if we'd like to participate in a project that was being sponsored by a large local client.  Could we provide 1,000 "somethings" to be given away as treats for 1,000 members of the community.    My first response was "Um...I don't think so??"  But my brain started turning and I started texting and making phone calls to my team and well...long story short...we ended up saying YES! 

Our little Bake Shoppe took on the task of baking 6,000 cupcakes that were used to  fill 1,000 6-pack boxes to be given away to the first 1,000 cars who drove through the Veterans United Bright Lights Holiday Display on Monday December 14th.   

Were you one of those cars?

In partnership with GOPO Gourmet Popcorn we gave out 1000 Treat Bags each filled with a 6-Pack of our Cupcakes and a bag of GOPO Everything Tiger Popcorn. 

I had so many people thanking us at the event and on social media following the evening, but the thanks goes solely to Veterans United for this huge blessing and opportunity.  We worked really hard, yes.  But we were paid to do this for you by VU.   And we are not the only small local businesses they're working with friends.  We were only contracted for one night.  There are so many others who are participating and being boosted by this added unexpected act of kindness. 

The light display alone they've provided to the Community is a true gift and a needed "shot" of holiday cheer.  But the fact that every vehicle that went through the display was given goodies... is so "above and beyond".  Not only did Plume experience the financial boost an order of this size provides but it was a joy to see people's expressions when we handed them their goodie bags.  Many were unsure what on earth was going on.  Some tried to hand us money for a donation.   

Friends, this was the one of the biggest projects I have ever undertaken, led and completed.   I have never been so proud and thankful for the team we have here.  Everyone pitched in and WE DELIVERED!  

I'm trying to be brief and articulate exactly how huge this job was, but I'm finding it hard to adequately describe it. There were no small tasks.  From the team who baked 6000 Cupcakes, the team who folded 1000 boxes, the team who took care of all our regular customers in THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER on Monday while we worked in the back,  the team who iced 6000 cupcakes and meticulously added the finishing toppings and cuteness per my design, the team who packaged 1000 boxes, the GOPO team who delivered 1000 bags of popcorn,  the team who stayed onsite with me to hand out the packages, including my great friend and neighbor Rachel, her daughter and my daughters.   

I am still just in disbelief that we took this on and DELIVERED ON TIME. 

But I totally should not be, because this is what happens when you plan and have a great team to execute.    Here are a few pics, but know that there are so many others who contributed.  


We filled 24 of these boxes each with 42 6-pack boxes!  (If you come by the shop, be sure and ask me to tell you the story of the time one of these boxes full of cupcakes ended up smashed in the middle of Route K on the way to the event, and how our team even rallied to replace those with an extra 42 6-packs! )
This is only about 1/2 of the cupcakes these ladies baked over about 15 hours of baking time.   They are a well oiled machine! 

I was so thankful to be able to partner with B&B bagel to use their giant mixer to make our icing in 100lb batches.   Saved us soooo much time!    Thanks to Michelle at B&B for her guidance and assistance!  

I've been so anxious to be able to sit down and process through everything that happened that day.  I remember at one moment Monday night in the freezing cold while I was up behind the tent stuffing bags and a flood of tears just came out.  No one saw me crying under my mask but I just felt the relief of the task being almost finished and the love and gratefulness for everyone who helped.  So thank you readers, for letting me indulge here and debrief!

Now, for a quick rundown of what is happening at the shop between now and Christmas Eve.  

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What can you still order?
Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!  
Shoot, if we can do 6,000 I'm not afraid of a few last minute holiday orders! 

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And with that I'll remind you that we have extended hours through Christmas... opening at 9AM each day Monday - Saturday.  
Looking forward to helping you finish your Holiday Gift-Game Strong!