50 Years...

Last week I shared plans to travel to Louisville for my parents 50th wedding anniversary party.  It was everything my sister and I hoped it would be!    Beautiful weather, family and friends.  My parents are the type who always serve and never want to be fussed over.   But they loved every minute of it and they knew how much they were loved, and how important their marriage has been not just to me and my sister, but to their whole family. 

We kept it fairly small, mainly their siblings and a few close friends.  We planned it at one of our favorite outdoor dining spots in Louisville, Mike Linnings Seafood Restaurant (if you're from Louisville, or have ever visited...well if you know you know)

Jeremy and I are so fortunate to both have parents that have been married over 50 Years.  His parents celebrated their 50th a couple years ago.   We also both have a set of grandparents who celebrated 50 years of marriage. We don't take this blessing lighting.  What an example our families are to us. 

Here's a few other little details from the evening... 

Laurel from Kiss Me Cookies made me these amazing cookies that I took with me from Columbia and we used one of them as part of their cake topper.  (We actually ordered the cake from Sam's Club to keep things simple.  But it was beautiful!)

At least until the heat got the best of it... 

Our party outlasted the cake...and the top layer eventually slid right off.  But it was still yummy!  The cookies were even yummier!

Speaking of Kiss Me Cookies...I am about to loose it over these adorable Berry Basket Cookies

How perfect are these going to be for your Memorial Day Gatherings!!    Such a fun take on Red, White & Blue Decor for the holiday weekend.


In addition to cookies we have an incredible new maker on our team...Carrie Schlimme from Graze by Carrie. 

Her Grazing Boards and Nosh Boxes are soooo beautiful and delicious.  I've already ordered one for my family for our Memorial Day festivities.   Check out her full Menu below and pre-order your board or box by
replying to this email
calling the shop at 573-356-0867. 


So what are your plans this Memorial Day Weekend?  If you have family or friends visiting this weekend, we'd love to meet them.  Bring 'em by!

Plenty of goodies and gifts in the shop if you still need to grab something from a graduate, bride, baby or birthday! The bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacaronscookies and gourmet popcorn just waiting for you!   
Have a Great Week!